Success Initiatives

Math Pathways - Right Math at the Right Time 

Math Pathways is an initiative that seeks to identify appropriate mathematic courses for students that are best aligned to their academic programs of study. This is a departure from the traditional approach of taking required courses in college algebra, for example, which may not be appropriate nor necessary depending on the student’s program of study. For more efficient and effective alignment, the Math Pathways initiative features three primary types of mathematics courses for students depending on their intended majors: Statistics for liberal arts majors, College Algebra and beyond for STEM students, and Quantitative Reasoning for vocationally-oriented students. 

The Consortium of Michigan Veteran Educators (CMVE) is dedicated to assisting veterans and military-connected students as they move through the process of obtaining degrees at Michigan public universities and community colleges. The consortium’s annual conference and informational sessions allow veteran educators to share best practices and resources for maximizing the student outcomes of veterans.

Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) is an initiative to highlight the value of liberal education as a means of self-discovery and personal enrichment while illustrating the value of a liberal education as an engine for understanding the world and becoming an engaged citizen. Best practices which are collaborative, intensive, and research oriented are encouraged as a means of achieving essential learning outcomes.