College Access

Preparing for College

College StudentsAfter high school graduation, there are many options for continuing your education. Most financially and personally rewarding careers require at least a bachelor's degree. Michigan's 15 public universities offer hundreds of quality degree programs. Plus, studying at an in-state public university costs less than a private or out-of-state institution.

"It's vital that students and parents recognize that high school is not an end of education – it's just another step toward higher education. That may be a four-year university, community college or trade school. But the path needs to be mapped out now. It's too late to decide during your junior or senior year that you want to get ready for your future," said Daniel J. Hurley, CEO of the Michigan Association of State Universities.

"Michigan's universities are dedicated to creating a culture of learning and education in our state," said Hurley. "A high school degree doesn’t open many doors in a world that increasingly values talent and knowledge."

The Future Starts Here (Requires Real Media Player, 11.6 MB)
Students from Michigan's public universities share what higher education means to them.