Community-University Partnership: Invested in Michigan's Future

Highlighted how communities are partnering with
Michigan’s 15 public universities to improve the lives
of the people of Michigan.

Every day, universities work for the people of Michigan— making a positive impact on the state’s economy through local and regional initiatives focusing on entrepreneurial, business, and workforce development. Universities work side by side withsmall businesses, corporations, hospitals, schools, and communities in everypart of the state to make life better. Now more than ever, these collaborationsare necessary to ensure that innovative discoveries can be applied to real-lifeproblems, locally and statewide.

Highlights of the Event -- Individuals and Policymakers...

  • Discovered evidence-based community-university partnerships that are transforming Michigan's economy
  • Learned about successful community-university partnerships and ideas for implementing solutions in your community to promote students' readiness for employment, and economic and workforce development
  • Heard lunchtime presentations by Michael Finney, President & CEO, Michigan Economic Development Corporation; Harvey Hollins, Director, Michigan Office of Urban and Metropolitan Initiatives; and Dan Gilmartin, Executive Director and CEO, Michigan Municipal League

For questions about the event, please contact Patricia Farrell by phone (517) 482-1563 or email