Japan Center for Michigan Universities (JCMU)

JCMU creates a bridge between the U.S. and Japan through academic programs in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Opportunities though JCMU include study abroad programs for U.S. college students, teaching and research for faculty, and English language and culture programs for Japanese students of all ages. 

Student Association of Michigan (SAM)

The Student Association of Michigan (SAM) was founded in 2007 by representatives of the student governments of its member institutions.

SAM exists to serve the students of its member institutions without taking on excessively partisan behavior

It is a primary goal of the executive board to continue a tradition of responsible and cooperative action on behalf of our constituents, the students of Michigan's higher education institutions.

Mission Statement: To advance higher education by empowering current and future students to advocate on their own behalf for the accessibility, affordability, and quality of the public institutions of higher education in the state of Michigan.

University Research Corridor

The University Research Corridor is an alliance of Michigan’s three leading research institutions: Michigan State University, the University of Michigan and Wayne State University. The University Research Corridor's vision is to unite and lead while creating a vibrant Michigan economy, to work proactively to attract knowledge economy businesses, to educate the workforce and to plant the seeds for the industries of tomorrow.

Michigan College Access Network

Our Mission is to increase college readiness, participation, and completion in Michigan, particularly among low-income students, first-generation college going students, and students of color.

Our Vision and Values
-College is postsecondary education: MCAN uses the term "college" to refer to the attainment of valuable postsecondary credentials beyond high school, including professional/technical certificates and academic degrees.
-College is a necessity: Postsecondary education is a prerequisite to success in a knowledge-based economy. Everyone must pursue and complete a postsecondary credential or degree beyond high school.
-College is for everyone: The postsecondary education attainment rates among low-income students and students of color are significantly lower than those of other students. MCAN is committed to closing these gaps.
-College is a public good: Postsecondary educational opportunity and attainment are critical to a just and equitable society, strong economy, and healthy communities.

The “It’s MI Life” initiative was was launched in 2009 to help foster a culture of education in our state. Students, parents, teachers and school administrators are invited and encouraged to join in this effort.

A Celebration of Campus-Community Partnerships

Michigan Campus Compact promotes the education and commitment of Michigan college students to be civically engaged citizens, through creating and expanding academic, co-curricular and campus-wide opportunities for community service, service-learning and civic engagement.

The Michigan Campus Compact is an out growth of Campus Compact: the project for public and community service. This national coalition was established in 1985 by a small group of college and university presidents who were concerned over the perception of a general decline in civic responsibility. These presidents formed the compact to create public service opportunities for college students and to develop an expectation of service as an essential part of student life and the college experience.

In 1989, The Michigan Campus Compact began its first phase of development as a three-year demonstration project funded by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation. The founders strongly believed that direct student contact with social problems and voluntary efforts to solve them provide students with experiences that ask them to reflect critically on the world around them. They support this belief by using the resources of institutions to provide students with experiences that ask them to take an active role in the community outside the campuses. These real world experiences introduce students to civic involvement and lay the foundations for a lifelong ethic of public responsibility and community service that will enable them to become committed and caring citizens.

Consortium of Michigan Veteran Educators

To serve all Michigan public community colleges and universities in their efforts to support student veterans, military service members, and their family members.

The consortium was founded by Central Michigan University in 2010. CMU also created and hosts the website. In 2011 the Michigan Association of State Universities and the Michigan Community College Association began work to formalize the consortium. In early 2012, Michigan’s 28 community colleges joined with other key partners to create a statewide network to improve the support and services to our active military and veterans populations.

The primary goal of the Consortium of Michigan Veteran Educators is to increase the number of service members, and their families, who take advantage of the educational benefits that are available to them such as the G.I. Bill. As part of this critical goal, the members of the consortium are also focused on ensuring veterans that enroll in Michigan’s public postsecondary institutions receive the support they need to successfully complete a credential that will lead to gainful employment and productive lives. A secondary goal of the Consortium is to serve as a convener of college and university staff to provide for professional development opportunities and sharing of best practices to better support the student veteran population.

Education Alliance

The Alliance is a nationally recognized full service higher education consulting firm. The Alliance came together to enable our professional colleagues to make a broader range of services available to clients throughout New England, across the nation and around the world. Members of the Alliance form an interdisciplinary team of experienced and talented educational leaders and management consultants, academic planners, program developers, and accreditors, regulatory merger and acquisition experts, architects and engineers, institutional advancement specialists, communications and distance education experts, executive search consultants, and library and information technology specialists.

The paramount mission of the Alliance is to provide our clients with the shared resources of a world class education consulting firm - a firm which offers its clients a unique combination of consulting excellence, innovation and experience. Alliance colleagues share a special institutional affinity with our clients - an affinity which fosters new strategic alliance, transforming potential competitors to collaborators.

The Michigan Association of State Universities regularly works with these associations on issues that transcend the public universities.

Intern in Michigan is a groundbreaking initiative designed to connect thousands of employers to the largest pool of talent in the state. This web-based technology is free to employers and students. Utilizing a revolutionary matching algorithm, the system instantly connects both parties to internship opportunities based on skills, interests and requirements. Visit to get started.

Michigan STEM Partnership

The Michigan STEM Partnership is a statewide collaboration of committed leaders from PK–20 education, as well as business and industry, philanthropy, economic development, government, military, and other organizations dedicated to elevating STEM literacy and proficiencies in a way that increases Michigan’s economic strength to retain and attract desirable jobs.