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The Michigan Association of State Universities provides information on a wide variety of public policy and legislative issues pertaining to higher education. Additionally, MASU takes official positions on matters of concern to Michigan's public universities in order to help our members, and the public, stay up-to-date on important issues impacting higher education.

Useful Information

Michigan's Public Universities:  Vital Partners in Meeting Michigan's Educational Goals - 2017

MASU Legislative Luncheon Presentation - March 15, 2017

Daniel Hurley's presentation at Governor Snyder's 2016 State Universities Summit, "Narratives in U.S. Higher Education, Michigan in Context." - May 24, 2016

MASU CEO Daniel Hurley testifies in opposition of SB 826 - replacement of the common core state standards - before the Senate Education Committee (PDF) - April 26, 2016

State Investment in Michigan's Public Universities - (PDF) - March 10, 2016

MASU CEO Daniel Hurley testifies before the Joint House and Senate Appropriations Subcommittees on Higher Education 


Higher Education: Why Investing in Michigan's Public Universities Leads to a Stronger Economy for All - (PDF) - February 2015

Michigan’s public universities are addressing the problem of sexual violence, including sexual assault, in our society and on our campuses, and continue to refine policies and procedures to prevent and address it. (PDF). August 2014

Cost Control Measures and Total Claimed Savings at Michigan's Public Universities - Infographic (PDF) March 2014

Investing in Higher Education, Good for parents and students, smart for Michigan - (PDF) Infographic

The cost of providing a college degree hasn't changed much in the last decade, but state support for college students has dropped dramatically. February 2014

Regional Chamber of Commerces across the State support Governor Snyder's budget recommendation for the need for a significant increase in funding for higher education - February 2014

Common Core State Standards - Myths v. Facts

Michigan's business leaders, educators, advocates, and parents understand that in order for students to compete in a global economy, our state needs rigorous academic standards. To that end, we proudly endorse the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) - a state-led effort that will better prepare Michigan students to succeed after high school. Sadly, misstatements and myths are being spread about the CCSS. We answer these myths with facts.


Produced by the Presidents Council, Higher Education in Michigan by the Numbers (March 2013)


Appropriations Metric
2007 to 2009 changes to state appropriations. Michigan is now ranked 40th.


Michigan House Vote Opens Door to Higher Costs, Duplication and Waste in Community Colleges
The Presidents Council responds to the Michigan House of Representative vote that encourages Michigan's community colleges to duplicate four-year degree programs already available at Michigan's 15 public universities, or programs that the university presidents have said they are prepared to initiate if there is sufficient interest.


State Financial Aid for Students Concept Paper (pdf)
The demand for student financial aid in the State of Michigan and throughout the nation is at an all-time high due to the current economic recession. Even before the reductions in the 2009-10 state budget students with financial need did not compare well to those in other mid-western states. The PCSUM financial aid directors committee benchmarked, discussed, and developed a concept paper on state financial aid programs.


Michigan Economy in the Balance (pdf), The Case for Funding Higher Education
A presentation given by the Presidents Council emphasizing the importance of funding for higher education

Difficult Dialogues, Rewarding Solutions (pdf), Strategies to Expand Postsecondary Opportunities While Controlling Costs
A report from Public Agenda on the 4th Annual Policy Summit of the Midwestern Higher Education Compact

The Ripple Effect of Virginia Tech (pdf), Assessing the Nationwide Impact on Campus Safety and Security Policy and Practice
A report by the Midwestern Higher Education Compact on Campus Safety

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You (pdf), 11 Facts Michigan Citizens Need to Know About Michigan's Fiscal Crisis
A short brochure with facts about the current economy and spending in Michigan

The Art and Science of Running Universities like a Business (pdf), by former SVSU President, Eric Gilbertson
Exerpt from Presidents' Perspectives, Commentary by Michigan public university presidents and chancellors on important issues affecting Michigan.

Myth-Busting the State of Michigan Budget (pdf)
A brief overview of the consequences of state policymaker decisions to cut taxes and make spending decisions that have reduced the state's ability to return to prosperity.

Challenges and Implications (pdf), Declining State Support of Michigan Public Higher Education
An overview of how Michigan's public universities' have responded to state funding reductions, and the implications of any further erosion of state support of higher education.

Michigan's Higher Education System: A Guide for State Policymakers (pdf) Courtesy of Ferris State University, 2003
An overview of Michigan's system of public universities and key issues affecting higher education, check out our guide for policymakers.